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Jimi + Paula

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

When Jimi asked us to to shoot a super secret event, we had no idea he had planned the most romantic quarantine vow renewal of all time.

Jimi started off the evening by picking out the perfect dress for Paula to wear. Once Paula was dressed and ready, she came downstairs and walked out to the most beautiful set-up, complete with a floral wedding arch, string lighting, lanterns, and rose petals. We definitely had to hold back tears while shooting this surprise reveal. The best part of it all? Jimi had pre-recorded himself as the wedding officiant, and set up a phone on a tripod with this recording. It was unbelievably hilarious and heartfelt. Happy 9 year anniversary Jimi and Paula! Not even a global pandemic can stop this couple from celebrating their love. Cheers to many happy years ahead!

Photography: Vincent

Videography: Jazmin


We believe in the crazy, the passionate, the can't keep your hands off each other type of love. New Romantix is a wedding photography and cinematography team specializing in producing the highest quality for our clients. Each photo and video session is tailored to the unique style of every one of our couples. Whether you're looking for a high end editorial look, or soft and photojournalistic, we 100% have you covered. We want to be the ones who capture the most romantic day of your life. Feel free to browse through our gallery and blogs for inspiration and examples. We looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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