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meet the team

We are a team of two wedding professionals who believe that love is the very best part of our humanity. We embrace every couple regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. 

Vincent Landin - Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Vincent has worked as a professional photographer since 2009 and has photographed close to 6,000 weddings.  He has dedicated years to working for major production companies shooting events, conventions, award shows, restaurants, and editorial campaigns. When he is not shooting, Vincent is creating short films, drinking good whiskey, and expanding his creative eye one new medium at a time. 




IT/blog contributor


Jameson joined New Romantix in October of 2016. Since then he has taken on many roles. The most prominent one is being in charge of the IT department at NR Headquarters. When he is not setting up cat6a cables throughout the office, he's usually taking naps, chewing one of his toys from his large collection, or catching up on his studies on the science of a bouncy ball. He recently became our lead contributor to our newly launched New Romantix blog.






Monkey joined New Romantix in October of 2019. She came in as an intern and when no other company wanted to hire this wildcard, she became a permanent fixture here at NR. During the Covid-19 pandemic, her love for number crunching came to light, so it was an obvious move for accounting department. She insisted on being the assistant to the regional sanitation manager because of her love of all things trash. We love having her here. Just don't look her directly in the eyes. You've been warned.



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